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Many times a client will purchase a house only to find out days later that a serious moisture/ mold problem had not been disclosed. In these cases your report may be used by the client’s attorney. Home inspectors can also provide a point of reference If during the course of their inspection a moisture/ mold problem is encountered, a note will be made in their report suggesting further evaluation by a mold inspector. On occasion banks also require a mold inspection before authorizing a loan for commercial property. This amounts to providing a “clean bill of health” for the property in question (i.e. the structure is a mold free and should remain that way unless some unforeseen malfunction occurs due to a failure of one of the structure’s components).


• Look for any indication of moisture intrusion or previous water damage.
  Staining can often be found on the sheathing and framing. High probability areas
  include any protrusions through the roof, such as vents, skylights, chimney, etc.
• Check for adequate ventilation. (Minimum requirements is 1sq ft of ventilation
  per 300sq ft of attic floor, divided equally between the soffit and ridge / upper vents.)
  Also check to make sure insulation in not blocking airflow to the soffit vents.
• All interior appliances such a dryers and bathroom fans should ventilate to the
  exterior of the building.
• Inspect the condition of the insulation, looking for even and complete distribution
  throughout the attic. If the insulation is batt style, make sure the paper side is facing
  the interior of the structure. If staining or any other indication of moisture intrusion
  is observed, use a moisture meter to determine whether a hidden leak is still active.


• Pull back the carpet in an exterior corner to check for evidence of a leaking slab.
  Groundwater pressure will often force water up through the cold joints at the
  juncture of the floor and the perimeter wall. Inspect the wallboard for signs of
  previous flooding.
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